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 Ingrid Starnes

Ingrid Starnes is a label designed and made in New Zealand, established in 2009.

Look for signature prints, silk dyed to custom colourways and a love of fabric, drape, structure and detail. You can also try Ingrid’s fine fragrance Vetyver Bergamot and make it your own at the Boutique.

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Wilson Trollope

Wilson Trollope is the fashion label of Wellington designer, Annabelle Wilson. The label launched in 2013 and is named after both her grandmothers, stylish and talented dressmakers who taught Annabelle their craft.

The look is understated and has a polished-casual elegance. Fabric is paramount and the refined designs allow it to speak for itself.

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A well-know New Zealand fashion label, Sabatini is a family company that is owned and operated by Tony and Margie Milich. The label is both designed and manufactured in New Zealand. The Sabatini style reflects the European signature of Croatian parents Zarko and Sonia who started the company in Auckland over 50 years ago.

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Choose Nineteen//46 and you’re choosing beautifully understated knitwear that “celebrates liberation and gives you the freedom to be yourself”. This is knitwear that is designed to work with your individual style and be effortless to wear. Designed by Bronwyn Eichbaum, Nineteen//46 is influenced by the heritage of Silverdale, a family company that excels in creating quality knitwear.

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Anna Stichbury

Anna Stichbury is a New Zealand artist who also designs t-shirts that are hand printed in New Zealand. These designs are part of the Carrutherbury&Co collection. Carrutherbury&Co is a small family business that designs, wears and shares their favourites.

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Rachel Stichbury

Rachel Stichbury has established a following for her beautifully hand crafted, elegantly simple and easy wear pieces. Each is made with quality materials and great attention to detail. Every item is handmade by Rachel in her studio in Wellington New Zealand.

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Yu Mei is a leather goods brand devoted to the creation and presentation of understated luxury. Bag designs are born from a base level of utility - built for purpose to carry with ease. Yu Mei’s mission is to create quality products that will weather your journey with you, each new scratch and mark another adventure in your story.

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Gestuz is inspired by backstage rock n' roll life but with a hint of elegance and sweetness .This complimented by strong and cutting edge print stories and through a small selection of handcrafted, eye-catching pieces you get a chance to stand out from the crowd.

Within Gestuz there is a whole universe to be found. This is not only created by the products, but also through the attitude that follows. When wearing Gestuz you express individuality, playfulness, rawness and strength. Gestuz fits every state of mind. If you feel like being outrageous, sexy, ladylike or merely unique in your own personal sense.

Gestuz has a mission that is to let the consumer discover its own personal style. This is done by creating styles that express the moment while at the same time allowing for fair prices. This creates diversity within the Gestuz universe, which is important since Gestuz is not aimed to fit just one personality.

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Noa Noa

Noa Noa was created in 1981 by brothers Harald and Lars Holstein as a feminine and romantic alternative to the hard-edged fashions of the time. The name Noa Noa means ‘simple and harmonious’ in Tahitian, and epitomises the feminine and bohemian Noa Noa universe. A creative, open-minded and diverse outlook on life and different cultures continues to propel the Noa Noa brand forward.

Noa Noa collections are designed in Denmark at our head office and manufactured in factories around the world that comply with corporate social responsibility codes. It is hugely important to us that our products are manufactured in a proper and responsible way. All our suppliers follow our Code of Conduct – a series of ethical guidelines – and regular dialogue and inspections are in place. We also extend our corporate social responsibility to our involvement with the BSCI, a recognised platform that works to improve the rights of workers.

At Noa Noa, we are strongly opposed to animal cruelty and strive to only use by-products. Similarly, we aim to limit our environmental footprint and continuously look for new ways to take our company in a carbon-neutral direction. We have always been inspired by the romantic and whimsical, both in expression and disposition, but rooted in a clean and simple Nordic design tradition. Likewise, nature has always been a point of departure for us, evident in our seasonal collections and choice of natural materials.

“A need to surround ourselves with items that have character and add substance to our personal story”. Reject the rules and follow your identity. For Noa Noa this means; We dress down our dress-up, we embrace feminine nostalgia, we layer and mix unexpectedly.

Good style is personal style.

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